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The study of entrepreneurship at the FEB


Higher professional education programme – study field 'Entrepreneurship'

The study field ‘Entrepreneurship’ within the higher professional education programme ‘Business Administration’ is open to entrepreneurial, creative and innovative individuals who wish to succeed in their career and who wish to make a significant contribution to the success of organisations in which they will be employed by using their knowledge, experience, entrepreneurial skills and creativity.

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University programme – study field ‘Entrepreneurship’

The study field ‘Entrepreneurship’ within the university education programme ‘Economic and Business Sciences’ differs from other study fields at the FEB and similar business schools mainly due to the internship in mentor companies. Each student chooses a small or medium-sized company in which he/she performs internship one day per week for two academic years.

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Bologna master's study programme – study field ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’

The study filed ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ within the Bologna master’s programme ‘Economic and Business Sciences’ is internationally comparable due to its teaching methods, the use of selected international and domestic study materials and the applicability of the knowledge in practice.

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Why study entrepreneurship?

The study field ‘Entrepreneurship’ (established in the academic year 1993/1994 as the study field Small Business Management) is founded on the realisation that the success of modern developed economies is based on the accomplishments of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises as well as on the fact that education has to be adapted to the changes and trends in the modern society. Two main principles have shaped this development. First, small and medium-sized enterprises have many special features which characterize them as specific economic operators that require different kind of management than large companies. The individual business functions in SMEs cannot be specialised to the same extent as the ones in large companies. Another characteristic of small enterprises is that in most cases their owner is employed in them. Second, the graduates in economics specialising in the management of SMEs have to be educated in such a way that their knowledge and skills are less specialized, yet more integrated and holistic. During their studies, the students are directed towards the identification of the actual state in a company and towards the skill of solving practical problems.

All study fields in entrepreneurship at the FEB provide the future graduates in economics with the knowledge and skills that enable them to set up their own companies, to take over complex managerial tasks in medium-sized companies, to create a start-up within the existing company and to independently run a small or medium-sized enterprise.


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